Will Udhav Thackeray Help Hardik Patel Against BJP In Gujarat?

MUMBAI: Patidar leader of Gujarat Hardik Patel has a friend in Mumbai, the Shiv Sena Chief , who  may help him against BJP in Gujarat , but how ? It is very early to predict .The young Patidar leader Hardik Patel visited Mumbai in February this year .He was greeted at Matoshri , the  residence of Shiv Sena chief by Udhav himself .

The Patidar leader said that he is a good friend of Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thakrey and whenever the Sena Chief will need him , he will extend all help  to them ( Shiv Sena people ) .But , it seems that in Gujarat electoral battle , hardik patel needs the help from his friends of Shiv Sena .

Hardik patel is a n old fan of Shiv Sena founder Bal Thakrey .Hardik Patel had described Sena as a tiger and said that a tiger never needs anybody’s help .But , it is speculated in the political circles that Hardik Patel needs the help of Tiger in his state as he wants to defeat BJP in Gujarat .

Shiv Sena has bitter relation with BJP .The recent panchayat and local self-government election results showed that the BJP made inroads into the Sena bastion.

The recent induction of 6 MNS councilors into Shiv Sena in BMC angered Raj Thackeray against Shiv Sena .It is alleged that BJP leadership in Maharashtra is supporting MNS against Shiv Sena to eat into Marathi vote Bank .

Shiv Sena has an opportunity in Gujarat, to give fitting reply to BJP’s anti- Shiv Sena activities, it is said .Therefore, it is likely that Udhav Thakrey and Shiv Sena  can extend every help to Hardik patel and his Patidars to defeat BJP in Gujarat state assembly polls .

Shiv Sena Chief had hinted during Hardik Patel’s Mumbai visit of any possible help from Shiv Sena to Patidars in Gujarat elections against BJP.”This new found friendship with Mr.Patel is all set to go longer,” he  then said  .Now all eyes are on Matushri waiting for the stand Shiv Sena may take for Gujarat state assembly elections .




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