MUMBAI : A major cause of concern for a large number of Heera Gold investors is , will they be able to get back their investment ? No satisfactory answer to this important question has been addressed by either HEERA GOLD COMPANY or by the authorities yet .Therefore, there is utter confusion among investors .


On one hand, there is a pro Heera Gold segment who is advising that if they will go to the police and lodge a complaint then your money will not be recovered .This group argues that more cases filed will mean that  Heera Group Chief Nauheera Shaikh will remain in custody for longer period .

This group says that  it is very necessary  for investors interest that Nauheera Shaikh is released on bail as she can arrange for the money to be returned to investors .

On  other hand, there is a group which believes that unless police complaints are not lodged , investors may not be able to recover their investments .This group says that  in Hyderabad , Nauheera Shaikh  deposited Rs. 5 Crores for getting bail .This was amount payable to only those who lodged complaints .

It is said that investors of Heera Group are spread not only all over the country but also abroad .Police sources assumed that there  may be over two lakh  Heera Gold investors in India only .

There are a large number of Heera Gold investors in UAE and other countries .How they will get back their investments?
It is a big question as there are different laws as well legal procedures in different countries .Many legal experts are offering legal advise to the harassed and concerned Heera Gold investors through media , social media and other platforms but nothing concrete is  coming  out .

Heera Gold  investors seems  to be divided in confused groups .Authorities must do something to remove any confusion .



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