Why Under Modi Govt India Became World’s No. 1 Beef Exporting Country ?

MUMBAI : While incidents of mob lynching have sharp rise  during last  three years , the fact which remained ignored by mainstream Bhakt – Media is the during Modi rule , India became world’s No.1 Beef exporting country snatching this position from all time rival Brazil .

According to a report  which appeared on  September 01 , it has been claimed that India became largest exporter of the beef during 2016 .Other countries which followed India in beef exports are Brazil , Australia and United States .These four countries ruled the beef export market in 2016 .

According to estimates these four top Beef Exporting Countries of the world , led by India exported more than 1 million tons of beef .This also meant that the top four countries had 66% share of Beef Export industry of the world .India exported 18 lakh 90 thousand metric ton beef during 2016 .

There are 31 beef exporting countries of the world and India became No.1 beef exporter during the Modi regime which is very contradictory to the BJP’s internal policies of discouraging the beef trade by  beef bans in many BJP ruled states .

The BJP government led by PM Modi at least succeeded in getting top position , or No.1 position in Beef export only .India was at No.2 position after Brazil when Modi government assumed power in Delhi .During 2 years under Modi government ,India became world’s No. 1 Beef exporting country .

This is a very contradictory performance that the government which is imposing Beef ban in various states ,and whose leaders , MLAs , MPs are encouraging violence cattle traders and beef traders encouraged and felicitated Beef Exporters during the same tenure .

While beef trade within the country faced heavy losses and beef ban renders thousands of beef traders and workers job less , Beef exporters minted money .This means that BJP is with big business houses and takes care of their interests while it acts against the interests of small traders , farmers , cattle traders .This has been proved by Modi government’s  self-contradictory Beef policy  domestically and at International level .



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