Why They Hate Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan ?

MUMBAI :There are many misguided people who have been fed with fabricated history , therefore they hate Muslim rulers Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan very much .It is very unfortunate fact that even after Independence , such history books were included in school and College syllabus which promoted communal hatred based on fictitious historical accounts .

According to Brijender Singh , “Of all the Muslim rulers who ruled over Indian territory from 712 to 1857 AD , probably no one has received such condemnation from Western and Hindu Writers as Aurangzeb .”The writer also said that this character assassination of Mughal King Aurangzeb may be described as the work of fabrication against one of the best and finest ruler of India.

Brijender Singh described Mughal King Aurangzeb as pious, scholarly, saintly, unbiased , magnanimous , tolerant ,competent and a far sighted ruler .It is very tragic that such a great ruler has been defamed for the last 150 years by those who had  vested interests in power and politics of the country .But their conspiracy  has done great harm to the nation and history of country .

Brijender Singh said that of late , many Hindu Historians have  come out in the open to challenge fake stories being circulated in the name of history to defame Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan .One of such respected Historian is Babu Nagender Nath Bannerjee .

Shri B.N. Bannerjee has refuted such allegations which accuse Aurangzeb as Anti Hindu ruler .Shri Bannerji also refuted all such accusation as false which  allege that  Mughal King Aurangzeb forcibly  converted large number of Hindus into Islam and those who refused were killed .

Shri Bannerjee  argued that if Muslim rulers had  conversions as their agenda , Hindus today may not have been more than four times the number of Muslims , as they ruled the country for nearly one thousand year .Such  open challenges by Hindu Historians to the communal forces who are peddling fake stories as History to malign Muslim rulers are exulting signs of a war against communal- ism .



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