ALIGARH : The notorious Republic TV of Arnab Gosowami is  again stands exposed while  raking a Mandir – Masjid controversy   at an esteemed but very sensitive educational complex like AMU for TRP and serving interests of his political masters .

Result has to be seen .

Cases of sedition lodged against 14 students .Internet services of Aligarh disrupted to crush voice of truth and let Republic TV say any thing distorting the facts of incident at AMU .

The game is naked .Arnab has made his channel a tool in the hands of his political masters .He is induldging in the worst kind of journalism .

Now , it is open that he is not a journalist but a propaganda tool for his pay masters .His TV by visiting AMU campus for a debate on RAM MANDIR- BABRI MASJID issue has exposed its ill intention .

Many Indian politicians have openly said that conspiracy is being hatched to create communal riots before Lok sabha elections .

So can one ask Arnab and Republic TV , whythey chose AMU ?and why they chose the topic Mandir – Masjid for  a debate their ?

Why AMU is being made target through Republic TV ?

Is a big question but not a difficult one . A student Wajahat Jilani reminded that Republic Tv was trying to malign the image of AMU while they , the students of AMU were busy winning the 8th Dr. zakir Hussian Memorial debate in jamia Millia Islamia , Delhi by defeating other 17 Unioversities across India .

So , targeting AMU for reasons beyond apprehensions is disturbing students , staff and educational atmosphere of AMU .

AMU has 30,000 students from various religions , castes , states who are lodged in 19 halls .Faculty strength of AMU is 5000 plus .There are 10 schools in AMU .This is the most secular and nationalist university .But conspiracy has been hatched .

There are allegations that  students shouted slogans of “Pakistan Zinda Bad.” On just a  false report sedition charges were slapped against 14 AMU students .This is the replay of JNU drama when many students were also charged with sedition on fake and fabricated videos .

AMU students are being punished for opposing Sanghi forces .They are being arrested under fake cases as was done against JNU members .same modus operandi has been followed by administration as was adopted in JNU few years ago .

But Republic TV played a very dirty role in this conspiracy which is unfit for a media organization.So has Republic TV and Arnab Goswami joined Sangh Pariwar ?



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