Why Outrage Over A R Rehman Daughter Wearing Hejab ?

MUMBAI: The so called progressive  sections and  regressive , extremely anti -Muslim communal elements joined the chorus which is described as outrage against

A R Rehman’s daughter Khatija Rehman  wearing Hejab .

It is very surprising that even in a country like India which believes in personal  liberty and freedom as fundamental rights , there was outrage on social media as the pictures and video clips of  Khateeja Rehman clad in Hejab interviewed  her distinguished father .

Many misinformed people said that Khatija Rehman was forced by her parents to wear Hejab .

But the proud father A R Rehman  stood by her daughter . as he was not at all impressed by the outrage .He hit back at  trolls .He said that  Khatija Rehman wears Hejab as her own choice and she deserves freedom of choice .He also posted pictures of all her three daughters .

Two amongst them do not wear Hejab .So it is self-explanatory  that Khateeja Rehman has not been forced by her parents to wear Hejab .It is very sad that communal elements are making loud noises over trivial matters which create communal hatred .targetting Khateeja Rehman as she is a daughter of a famous father also show recent pattern to  spread communal hatred .

As all other citizens of India Khateeja Rehman also has freedom and personal choice but making her Hejab a subject of communal criticism is violation of individual liberty and personal freedom guaranteed by Constitution of India .

So this outrage seems to be the result of  communal venom spreading in the country for the last few years for political gains , but it is resulting in loss to national integration .



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