Why Out Siders Can Not Buy Land In Himachal Pradesh ??

New Delhi : It is wrong to say that there was law in J&K only where no outsider Indian could buy land in that state .There are many other states which prohibit sale of land to out siders , even if they are Indian citizens .Himachal Pradesh has been one of the state where until  1966 any one could buy land .

But the state government after wards brought laws which restricted sale of land to non- residents .A brief account was posted by a writer , which is as following :


Now let’s get into a bit of history and know more about the rules and regulations.

  • Before the year 1966, there was no bar on non-Himachalis for buying land in Himachal Pradesh. At that time, there was less money in circulation in the economy of Himachal Pradesh. The two basic source of income at that time were government jobs or agriculture and most of the land was being purchased by outsiders. It was during the regime of the then Chief Minister Dr. Y.S. Parmar that ban on land sale to people from outside the state was implemented.
  • According to the rules, all those (non-Himachalis) who have settled in Himachal before 1972, do not have to take permission from the government for buying land for residential purpose. But for commercial purposes, like hotel, industry or hydel projects, both non-Himachalis – those staying here before 1972 or thereafter can only get land after their case is approved by the cabinet.
  • Every non-Himachali’s case for buying land in Himachal is sent to the cabinet for approval. So real tough to get through.
  • In most of the cases it has been seen that the decision to allot land, totally depends upon the discretion of the government. In rare cases, like if a person is serving as a government employee in the state for long, is s/he allowed to buy land.
  • Agricultural land can only be sold to a Himcahali agriculturist (strictly). So forget that. But considering the shortage of land in Shimla, there is a proposal for conversion of agricultural land on the outskirts of Shimla for commercial or housing purposes (but decision is still awaited).

For most of these proposals, non-Himachalis can either avail more information from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Shimla or HIMUDA.




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