Why Objection Over Hejab ?

Mumbai : Recent controversy over Hejab of A R Rehman’s  daughter Khatija Rehman has manifedted ultra extremist ideology which has crept into a large section of urban and so called educated  population. But such Hejab bashing and hate against Islamic tradional wear has consolidated Muslim community over the last few years .

A R Rehman’s daughter Khatija Rehman is one example .Highly educated Muslim girls and women are now adopting Hejab  voluntarily .In many Muslim Colleges in Mumbai , it has been observed that number of Hejab wearing Muslim students has been growing very fast .Many teachers noted that after Hejab was banned in  many western countries , it had reaction in Mumbai as more and more Muslim girls began wearing Hejab.This trend is still continuing.

Many Muslim girls and women say that Hejab is not at all any hindrence in their progress .It can be seen on the streets of densely populated areas of Bhindi Bazar , Nagpada , Madanpura .The sight of any Muslim girl  driving a two wheeler was a rare  in past .But now a large number of Burkha clad girls and women can be seen driving two wheelers .

As Hejab controversies occur time and again , Muslim women are opting more  for Hejab . Why Muslim women be objected as they wear Hejab on their free will ? Are they not citizens of India ? Many of them ask .Any answer?



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