Mumbai Riots

Why Not A Single Accused In Mumbai Riots 1992-93 Case Got Convicted?

MUMBAI: Anger of young Muslim generation which grew post-1993 grows as it learns of selective justice by the State Government and Mumbai Police. March 12, 1993 serial bomb blasts in the city were reaction to the earlier Anti-Muslim communal riots of Dec 1992 and January 1993.

bombay_riots 92/93
Bombay Riots 1992/93

Most of those criminals involved in bomb blasts were convicted whereas not a single accused of Mumbai riots was convicted.

This has inspired Hindu communal elements to trigger riots and disappointed Muslims that justice can never be done to them.

“Why is there such huge difference of attitude of the State Government as well as Mumbai Police while dealing with two sets of accused belonging to two different communities?” Young Muslims usually ask.


Mumbai, Bombay back then, being the financial capital of the country had a routinely schedule on the morning of 12th March, 1992. People had already started their daily chores mostly being moving towards their workplaces and starting off another fruitful day when tragedy struck to the core leaving the city into pieces.

A well hatched plan by certain outfits made sure to shake the roots of the country by bombing its blooming financial head. As Bombay started its course of another day at work, multiple bomb blasts at different prominent locations and places of vital focuses of business activities like Stock Exchange, Air India, Zaveri Bazar, Katha Bazar and numerous lavish lodgings took place simultaneously.

mumbai bomb blast
A file photo of Mumbai Bomb Blast 1993

A stunned Bombay and a shocked country initially attempted to give aid to the casualty however much as could reasonably be expected and afterward needed to know the extent of the death toll and property.

It outperformed all creative ability, as it was at last found that the impacts left more than 250 people dead, 730 harmed and property worth about Rs.27 crores wrecked. By all numbers, it was thus a great disaster; and revolting additionally, as it was men-made.

It may however be asked as to why the State as well as Mumbai Police were lenient and could not get a single conviction in more than 2500 cases registered in Mumbai riots of 1992-93. Loss of life and property in these riots were far more than that in the bomb blasts.

Total loss of life cumulated to more than 900 which included 575 Muslims, 275 Hindus and 50 from other communities whereas total property losses crossed 500 crores.

mumbai riots hindustan times
Hindustan Times headline of the Blasts

Many rioters as well killers unfortunately included Officers and lower rank personnel from the Mumbai Police of whom evidences were available and produced in court from time to time.

But, our criminal justice system while tried hard to get every person arrested in serial blast case be hanged, the same system did not bother a conviction in even one of 2500 riot cases.

A lot of people, who opposed the hanging of one of the blast accused Yakub Memon for his part in the serial blasts, were of the opinion that the Blasts were a counter-reaction to the riots which preceded them.

After so many years convictions are being made for the accused in the Bomb Blast cases but what about the victims of the riots.

Will justice be ever served to them??



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