Why Mohammed Yusuf Khan Became DILIP KUMAR ?

MUMBAI : Dilip Kumar’s real name is Mohammed  Yusuf Khan.His father was a Pathan from Peshawar , who came to Mumbai to with  his family , and settled here  .His mother , Ayesha Begum , was a house wife .

The renowned area of Qissa Khwani Bazar , Peshawar  ,  has still the family house of Dilip Kumar and his ancestors  .

( Famous Bolly woood actor , producer , director Raj Kapoor  was also born in the same locality of Qissa Khwani Bazar , Peshawar)

.Yusuf Khan @ Dilip Kumar ‘s  father Lala Ghulam Sarwar was a land lord  and fruit merchant .He had 12 children , including Yusuf Khan  , who became  super star Dilip Kumar  of Bollywood . Dilip Kumar’s younger brother  Nasir Khan , also  acted in some films , including  popular film Ganga Jamuna  , in which he played the role of younger brother of Dilip kumar .Other brothers and sisters af Dilip Kumar  are : Ehsan Khan , Aslam Khan , Noor Mohammed , Sarwar khan , Fawzia Khan , sakina Khan , Taj Khan ,saeed  Khan , Akhtar Asif .

K.Asif , the director of  popular film Mughal E Azam , was a close friend of Dilip  Kumar .His sister  Akhtar Khan married K.Asif . While Dilip Kumar’s  other sister Saeeda Khan got married to the son of great film director Mehboob Khan’s  son , Iqbal Khan.

One of the elder brothers of Dilip Kumar , Mr. Ayub Sarwar was a film writer , in Pakistani film industry .He had a desire to make a Ino Pak  film ‘Kaala Adami “ as ,a director , with Dilip Kumar , a super star of Indian films , then , as a lead actor .He planned to direct this film , himself .But destiny did not allow and he expired before such plan could take a concrete shape .

Dilip Kumar got married to Saira Banu in 1966 .He was  44 year old and Saira  Banu’s age was 22 years , then. Saira Banu ‘s  mother  Naseem Banu was also , a successful heroin of Hindi films .In 1982 , Dilip Kumar married Asma Khan , a  divorced woman from Hyderabad .But this marriage lived for a short period as a huge controversy erupted over this marriage .Dlip Kumar  divorced Asma Khan .And saira Banu proved her loyal and devoted wife till now.

During the initial period  of Dilip Kumar family’s  migration  to  Mumbai from Peshawar ,  Dilip Kumar’s father , Lala Ghulam Sarwar ,  also had  properties and business in Deolali , Nasik , in Maharashtra  .Whereas  , Lala Ghulam Sarwar  ,  also started his fruit business , at Crawford market , Mumbai .

The little Yusuf Khan got basic schooling in Deolali ,  Nasik , where he was admitted  in Barnes School .But as the family shifted to Mumbai , his father admitted  his brilliant son Yusuf Khan  to Anjuman E Islam Urdu School , CST , where he completed his  school education .

Well known educationist , cricket , football lover and teacher of repute Khalifa Ziauddin  was Principal  of Anjuman E Islam Urdu High School , CST , then .Yusuf Khan was a favourite  student and  Khalifa Ziauddin was  ideal teachers  of Yusuf khan , who was  not only studious but also  very good in sports , specially cricket and football .





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