MUMBAI : RSS through its front organisation has organised Iftar Party  on June 04 , 2018 in Mumbai , it is reported by main stream media .The media is describing the Iftar Party hosted by Rashtriya Muslim Manch as the RSS Iftar Party .

But many critics are drawing attention to the fact that the PM Modi while in power for the last 4 years , discontinued the practice of holding Iftar Party .This is very surprising for the PM of a secular and democratic state to discontinue such practice which was being held for the promotion of communal harmony .

Even last year when former  President  Pranab Mukherji  hosted an Iftar party on June 24  last year .PM Modi and his ministers skipped that Iftar party also .Now this ius the fourth year for Mr.Modi in the office but he has kept long distance from Iftar parties and has also not organised any Iftar party as there was a tradition in the PM House .



If PM feels that such Iftar parties are the symbols of pseudo secularism  and smacks of appeasement of Muslims then why RSS and its affiliate body is organizing Iftar party in Mumbai ?

It is interesting to note that an RTI activist sought information from  PMO  how many iftar parties PM Modi attended in 2014 and 2015 .Mohammed Khalid Jilani was informed that PM Modi did not attend a single Iftar party in 2014 and 2015 .It is presumed that the PM  did not  attend a single Iftar party even during the next two years .

Mr. Jilani expressed surprise that PM in the said two years ( 2014-15) did not throw any Iftar party and also did not attend even a single Iftar party .It must be said that he has continued his record till date .It is very surprising for a PM who visits Muslim countries very often to create such a record which shows him very poor in the eyes of secular people .



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