MUMBAI : The time has come when terrorism must not be defined by religion of accused persons but all those crimes which create terror in society and any section of  people , especially those from minorities and weaker sections , must be declared as terrorist act or terrorist attack .All those persons involved in such crimes must be arrested and prosecuted under anti terrorism laws .The organizations supporting them must be banned under such law .

Today , mob- lynching in our country is a crime which is not a common crime .This has been converted as terrorism against Dalits and Muslims .The mob Lynching incidents for the last some years have terrorized some particular communities .The perpetrators of such acts belong to fascist , extremist organizations  which  plan to create terror and fear in the minds of members of  some targeted communities .Therefore , mob lynching must be declared as  terrorist attack or terrorist act .

The accused persons in all cases of mob lynching must be tried under the stringent law UAPA and these cases must be tried in special courts.They must not get bail .The organizations behind the accused persons of such acts must be banned under UAPA as terrorist organizations .Their assets , bank accounts must be seized and forfeited .

It is very surprising that all the organizations which have been banned under UAPA ( and earlier under TADA , POTA etc ) as terrorist organizations are either minority organizations ( Sikhs ,Muslims ,Christians ) or Naxalite  ( branded Dalits) , but not a single Hindutvadi organization has been banned as terrorists organization during past some decades .

History , however , states that  first organizations which were banned in India after Independence were Hindu Mahasabha  , and RSS .It is said that murder of Mahatama Gandhi was the first act of terrorism in India after Independence , but this case was tried under IPC  and not as a terrorist act .



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