Why Injustice has Been Done To Malegaon ?

MALEGAON: Injustice has been done to Malegaon both in development works as well as infrastructure as this city is still considered as under developed in comparison with other towns of the state with similar population size.

The power loom city Malegaon which is  also known as Manchester of Maharashtra  is class I town of the state as per its population .According to 2011 census the population of Malegaon was 4,09, 403 .

Despite the fact that being a hub of textile and power loom industry, Malegaon is far away from the development in comparison with other Class I cities of the state, a study revealed  .

Majority of population of this city consists of Muslims therefore the feeling that this town was neglected just because it is one of the most Muslim populated town of state cannot be said as totally false.

Malegaon is under developed both economically as well as infrastructure wise.A large number of population still lives in slums and dilapidated houses .Majority of the houses in the town are very small in size .

They do not have access to basic amenities .A report said that some wards of Malegaon town consists of only slum and whole town can be said as not better than any  big slum of  big cities like Mumbai or Delhi .

This town is also called as a most sensitive town of Maharashtra .According to reports , 80 % of population consists of Muslims .Among Muslims also members of Ansari community which are basically weavers form a dominant part .

There is extreme poverty in the town .Family size is reportedly higher .As per a recent report , in most of the wards 7 persons live in a small house .There are  members of Hindus,Budhhist  communities also in the city .But in both Muslims, Budhhist  and Hindu communities ,OBCs form a large section of population .Therefore , this city is considered as the town of largest OBC population .

While Malis and Marathas constitute the largest group of local Hindu population , there are 21  sub- castes , communities among Muslims which are considered as backward .

Ansari community forms majority amongst them. Despite being a town of Backward Communities of both Muslims and Hindu religious groups , why Malegaon  remained under developed is a big question .



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