Why He Committed Suicide In Masjid al Haraam ?

MAKKAH : The person who committed suicide by jumping from higher floors in Masjid al Haraam  has been identified .He was not any Pakistani as initially reported in social media due to hios clothes.He was a  French national named Azzouz Bouttoba .


He was 26 years of age and he committed suicide on his birthday June 08 .His birthday is reported as June 08 , 1998 .He had a French passport No.18 AF 3802 .He is survived by his wife ( aged :24 years ) who is pregnant and

two children .

He is reported to be mentally sick and depressed .Some people described him as Majnoon and said that he was very diligent praying at the Mosque .It is said that he was suffering from hallucination .His mental health deteriorated even when he arrived in Saudi Arabia.

He was admitted in a hospital in Saudi Arabia for two days .It is said that when he committed suicide he was not under full command of his mental ability. He was not of sound mind.But people are trying to ascertain why he chose to commit suicide in Masjid al Haraam .There is an opinion that he was in a very unstable mental situation and his action must be a sudden reaction of depression and distress.

He came to Saudi Arabia to performer Umrah of 10 days in the holy month of Ramadhan .He jumped from the third floor into the Mataaf area resulting into his instant death . This shocking incident took place at 3.20 PM on Friday June 08 , 2018 and it is a very rare incident in the history .



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