ALIGARH : Aligarh Muslim University is a national university but several communal elements are carrying out hate campaign against this university as if it is a Pakistani University .

Aligarh Muslim University is contributing a lot in nation building by imparting education and knowledge to Indian youth from different communities .But its great contributions are ignored by rabbid  communal elements .

Why ?

Because  it carries the word “Muslim” in its name.

Many BJP persons are very uncomfortable with the word “Muslim” in the name of Aligarh Muslim University .They get furious over it .They want to remove word “Muslim “from Aligarh Muslim University.

They talk of secularism .But they keep silence when it comes to “Banaras Hindu University”. If their brand of secularism suggests that  religion must not be added to the name of a University, then why only Aligarh Muslim University?


Why not also Benaras Hindu University? They don’t answer .Because they do not have any answer.False propaganda is being circulated that AMU is promoting education to only Muslim community and it is contrary to the traditions of secular India .

It is very sad that Andhe Bhakts and Hindutvadis  for their narrow political benefits are doing greater harm to the nation by maligning AMU and spreading hatred against it .Students of AMU are described as Jehadis and AMU is described as den of Jihadis .

It is just unacceptable canard .Such wild and fabricated allegations will create mistrust and ill will among different communities .It is an act against communal harmony and national interest .Do not try to disrupt harmony in AMU as well as on Nation so called BHAKTS .You are doing anti-national acts .



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