Why European Writers Fabricated History Of India ?

MUMBAI :A dispassionate account of History of India may reveal that European writers fabricated History of India and maligned many Muslim rulers to further their agenda of  divide and rule .

This fabricated history was  used by Hindu nationalists for their own vested interests .Many Hindu nationalists during freedom struggle did a  supporting job to European writers in fabricating anti- Muslim historical accounts .Those fabricated historical accounts are still being used for vote bank politics and polarisation of electorate .

Late Historian and scholar  Bishambher Nath Pandey had been  one of the most vocal voices of sanity among India Historians .His research exposed many myths and false account of history being spread for a long period describing many Muslim rulers as anti- Hindu .He is one of the famous Historians whose research also proved that European writers maliciously fabricated the Indian History with biased account as they wanted to support the British policy of divide and rule .

Mr. Bishmabher Nath Pandey  delivered many lectures .He wrote many books .He did extensive research .In a famous Khuda Bakhsh Memorial Lecture in 1985 , he said ,

”Thus under a definite policy , the Indian History text books were so falsified and distorted as to give an impression that Mediaeval ( that is Muslim Period ) of Indian History was full of atrocities committed by Muslim rulers on their Hindu subjects and the Hindus  had to suffer terrible indignities under Muslim rule and there were no common factors between Hindus and Muslims in social , political and economic life .”

Mr. B.N .Pandey  had initiated many research into allegations levelled by some Indian writers against  Mughal King Aurangzeb and King of Mysore Tipu Sultan .Not only he found these to be unfounded , but it was also revealed that most of the Indian writers based their  account and narration on fake and fabricated history written by western writers .



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