Why Demand For Resignation Of Anil Deshmukh ?

Why Demand OF Resignation Of Anil Deshmukh ?

MUMBAI : BJP supporters are alleging that Maharashtra saw a big rise in Crimes under MVA rule .They are  carrying on social meia campaign demanding resignation of HM Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh  who belongs to NCP .

#Resign AnilDeshmukh is trending on social media .

Pro BJP social media users are alleging that the state saw criminalization of politics therefore there is risein Crime .But they are ignoring the law and order situation in BJP states , specially UP and MP where crime situation and law and order is worst .The BJP IT cell , it is alleged is running a campaign against  HM Anil Deshmukh and  demand for his resignation is being sought .

Suresh Nakhwa asked , “Sachin Vaze is allegedly enjoying protection and patronage of senior leaders of Maharashtra Govt. Still Home Minister is maintaining radio silence. How will the Home Minister provide security to common people of Maharashtra ?”.


A Modi and RSS fan Ankit Gupta  said , “Tremendous rise in spate of crimes in Maharashtra since Nov’19! Guess what, it is the same month that the new rag-tag MVA alliance took charge of the state. Criminals in Power has led to Criminalization of Politics. Maharashtra suffers everyday. At least now #ResignAnilDeshmukh

On the contrary , NCP sources are calling the campaign as pressure tactics .Samiullah Khan said ,

BJP’s Revenge against @AnilDeshmukhNCPIs on highest stage of frustration #ResignAnilDeshmukh is only revenge, they are attacking on Maharashtra government because they are against any autonomous regional state government!



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