MUMBAI: Education is the most powerful medium of socio economic development as well as empowerment of any sections of the society .Dalits were denied the opportunity of education by upper castes .Such forcible denial of education and learning for them in the name of caste system for thousands of years brought great miseries for them.

The right of education to Dalits was banned by Brahmins .They enforced such ban on the basis of their religious scriptures and faith .Such caste based society turned them into The Out Castes and The Untouchables.

In Maharashtra, Dalit literature has a respectable history as a revolutionary Marathi literature .Dalit literature is said to be the reaction of Dalit writers who felt that the so called upper class writers did not reflect the miseries, pains and sensitivities of Dalit society and  Dalit people in their writings .

The upper caste writers did not possess the firsthand experience of Dalit people either . Dalits needed their own voices .They needed their own representatives in literature .They needed their own literary ambassadors .

Dalit writer Arjun dangle described Dalit literature not only as the literature but a tool of change and a movement .Many Dalit writers resorted to poetry and writing as the expression and desire of social change .Dalit literature was not restricted as only literature but it formed the part of movement.

For thousands of years Dalit people were subjected to inhuman treatment .So the rebellion and revolutionary shades became part of Dalit literature .This literature bore a rebellious tone and rebellion mood. The writings of Dalit poets and writers not only described sufferings and pains of their people but these writing agitated , protested against tyranny and called for social change .

So Dalit writer is also called as a rebel with a cause .The Varna system caused most torturous, unbearable, and exploitative life for the depressed classes .The system believed in un touch ability and promoted biases  against down trodden .Such exploitations had support of religious scriptures .Such prejudices and menace inculcate anger and desire for a change which is manifested by the advent of Dalit literature.




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