Why Cow – Terrorism Increased After Mr. Modi Became PM?

MUMBAI: Cow related violence which is also being described as  Gau- Aatankwad or Cow – terrorism saw steep rise after BJP government under PM Modi assumed power in Delhi .The India- Spend study of cow related violence during 2010 to 2017 revealed that  97 % of attacks against cattle traders , beef traders , dairy farmers on the suspicion of  killing of cows or smuggling of cows occurred after PM Modi assumed office .

During the said period of eight years , 63 incidents of attacks were reported .Out of these , 61 attacks  occurred after Mr. Modi became PM .So question can be asked , why  there has been a rise in cow related violence of gau – Aatankwad  after Mr. Modi took over as PM ?


It is a painful fact that PM Modi  very often kept silence over the mob lynching and killing of innocent persons .He condemned such violence only on  two or three occasion during last four years .Beef ban policies of various BJP ruled state government encouraged so called Gau-Rakshak to take law into their hands , it is alleged.

The Human Rights Watch , an international organization last year asked the Indian government to promptly investigate and prosecute self-appointed Cow Protectors but it is very tragic that many BJP leaders including some MLAs , MPs and Ministers openly supported such criminals .

The Human Rights Watch report alleged that the so called Cow- Protectors have committed brutal attacks against Muslims and  Dalits only over the rumors that they bought , sold , killed cows for beef .The HRW report alleged that instead of taking prompt legal action against the so called Cow Vigilante many of whom are linked to extremist Hindu groups affiliated to ruling BJP ,the police ,too often have filed complaints against the assault victims , their relatives , and associates under law banning cow slaughter .

The reason of rise in cow related violence against Muslims and Dalits after BJP assumed power at Center and states are the hatred spread against Muslims and Dalit in the name of cow- slaughter by Hindu extremist groups loyal to BJP .They became aggressive after BJP came to power .The Beef ban orders imposed in various states incited them further .It is said that the extremist forces found a tool to polarise voters through cow related violence , therefore no concrete efforts are being done to contain them.



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