Why Bombay Is Called As Gate Way Of India?

Why Bombay Is Called As Gate Way Of India?

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MUMBAI : For Western Powers eying at the East for expansion of their trade, business and politics, Bombay was the great Eastern Gate of India .One of the earliest Governors deputed by East India Company, Gerald Aungier said on his arrival, “This is the City to be built by God’s assistance.”

Not only British but Portuguese also considered Bombay as the finest harbor in the East. But it is little known why Portuguese handed it over to British Royal family as dowry gift .Bombay came into possession of Crown as the dowry gift to Charles III who married Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza. In 1669, Charles II leased seven islands to East India Company at a modest rental of 10 pounds per annum.

Although Portuguese Viceroy of Goa considered Bombay as the fines Port in India which was in possession of Portuguese, the Portuguese Royal family decided to hand it over to British. It is said that the first owner of Bombay, Portuguese King did not realize real value and great importance of Bombay.

But during the British time Bombay grew as a major city and an important center of sea route of trade for the West .Hence was also described as “Gate-Way-Of-India” or “ the Great- Eastern-Gate –of India “ .



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