MUMBAI: These days, a lot of hatred is being spread against Mughals, Muslim rulers, Persian , Urdu for communal political purposes .But how anyone can deny influence Persian had on Marathi ? Marathi absorbed Persian words and terminologies and such cultural as well as linguistic interaction between two sweet languages was glorious part of history.

Will not those fanatics opposing Mughals and Persian do great harm to Marathi language if they proceed on their anti- Persian agenda? They are spreading hatred against Mughals but it is a fact that Marathi language enriched itself during Mughal period only .Persian had great influence over this popular language of Maharashtra , and it is an undeniable  fact .

Many historians and linguists like Jadu Nath Sarkar , Dr. Suneeti Kumar Chatterji , Sir William Jones are of the opinion that there are more than  38000  Persian words in Marathi .If these words thrown out of Marathi on the ground of hatred towards Mughals and Persian , it will cause great harm to Marathi language .

Persian  had great influence on Marathi .It is said that Persian culture and language entered into Maharashtra with the conquest of Alauddin Khilji ( 13 25 – 51 ) .Later Mohammed Shah Tughlaq  strengthened this as he declared  Dev Giri /Daulat Abad ( near Aurangabad ) his capital .Bahimani Dynasty of Deccan as well as subsequent Kingdoms of Ahmed nagar , Bidar , Golconda , Gulbarga , Bijapur also accelerated Persian effect on Marathi .This means that those were the days of cultural assimilation .But today , fake historians are churning out false propaganda to state that the Mughal period was a period of clash of cultures .Marathi language with rich wealth of Persian words absorbed for the last so many centuries stands to disprove the hatred story .



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