NEW DELHI : SHAHI IMAM of Fatehpuri Masjid has raised suspicion over attack on a Delhi Masjid .In a video message calling upon all to create peaceful  atmosphere and maintain peace , he expressed his suspicion that some mischious elements may be behind attack and vandalizing the Hindu temple to create mischief . He said , “the facts regarding the incident , whether the temple was attacked , who attacked the temple , and how such damage was caused will be clear only after a detailed inquiry .”

Many citizens of Delhi are demanding such an inquiry into this incident .Many Muslims feel that this attack was staged by elements who want to polarize Delhi as the state assembly elections are  coming closer .

Mufti Mukarram also observed that a lot of politics was being done in the so called incident of attack on a Hindu Temple .

He also suggested that local Muslims and influential citizens must contribute in reconstruction of Temple  which was damaged by unknown miscreants .Such act will create feeling of harmony and defeat the evil design .

According to another media reports Mufti Mukarram Sahab, the Shahi Imam of Old Delhi’s Fatehpuri mosque,  has condemned the acts of violence that led to the vandalisation of temple in Chawri Bazar area and has termed the incident as unfortunate.

A quarrel over parking on the evening of June 30 led to an altercation in old Delhi, with some unknown persons vandalising a temple later in the night.

In his appeal to maintain calm, Mukarram said, “Politics  should not be  played politics over such issues.”

Adding that the guilty should be punished.” Although the details on who damaged the temple property will be revealed after proper inquiry, I urge the Muslims and the members of the Residents’ Welfare Association of the area to come forward and make up for the losses incurred.”

The Shahi Imam can be heard as saying in the video that is viral on social media , said a report .





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