When Muslim Rajput Military Officers Led Singapore Mutiny 1915

MUMBAI : After the Sepoy mutiny of 1857 , Singapore  Mutiny 1915  is also  considered as the part of Indian Freedom struggle  which  was led by Indian Muslim Rajput  Military officers .The 1915 Singapore Mutiny  is also known as 1915 Sepoy Mutiny or  the Mutiny of the 5th light infantry .

During first world war , this infantry consisting of 850 soldiers was deployed in Singapore .Approximately half of the Indian soldiers of this infantry revolted against British .On February 15 , 1915, the soldiers under the leader ship of Major Subedar Khan Mohammed Khan and Subedar Wahid Ali raised the banner of revolt .This mutiny lasted for seven days .

During this mutiny , eight British officers and soldiers , three Malaya officers and soldiers , 18 British civilians  ,five Chinese and Malaya civilians , one German internee was killed .

The mutiny was quelled by massive British forces and detachments of allied Marine forces sent to Singapore. It is reported by the British court of inquiry that there were two factions in the infantry .One was led by Major Subedar Khan Mohammed Khan and Subedar Wahid Ali   and other was led by   Subedar Dunde Khan , Jamadar Chishti , Abdul Ali Khan .

The report said that they had many grievances related to food and living conditions in Singapore .

According to reports, on January 15 , 1915 , Col. Martin announced that the infantry may be moved to Hong Kong .However rumours were circulated that infantry may be moved out to Turkey or Europe where they might be asked to fight against their Muslim co- coreligionists .

Three Indian Muslim military officers Subedar Dunde Khan ,Jamadar Chishti Khan , Jamadar Ali Khan were identified as the key conspirators .When the final orders were issued  in February 1915 to sail ,  the leaders and their followers rebelled against the British officers .Four Rajput companies out of eight took part in rebellion while four Pathan companies did not joined the mutiny .The British government was caught unprepared .

On 17 February , 1915 , naval forces of Russia , japan , France arrived at Singapore .Meanwhile the mutineers took up refuge in forests of North Singapore .In a war which erupted between rebels and allied British forces , rebels got set -back .By the evening of February 432 mutineers .On February 20 , 1915 , additional forces arrived from Rangoon and other places .Then only remaining rebels were captured.

More than 205 soldiers were tried .45  were publicly executed by firing squad including an Indian officer Qassem Mansoor and also Subedar Dunde Khan , Jamadar Chishti Khan , Subedar Wahid Ali , Sipahi Hakim Ali , Havaldar Rehmat Ali , Havaldar Abdul Ghani  .Three were hanged to death .

Most  rebel soldiers who  killed were Muslims from Hissar , Rohtak district of Haryana .Sixty four rebels were sentenced to life imprisonment while 73 were given  “ Saza E Kaala Pani “  , which was rigorous imprisonment in Andoman Nicobar islands jails , ranging from 7 years to 20 years .It is very painful that no memorial or plaque what so ever exists anywhere in the world for these rebels .They are on the contrary  being vilified in western account till today .




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