MUMBAI: Recent terrorist attack in Pulwama against CRPF personnel underlines importance of unity of all Indians in fight against terrorism ignoring their religious and caste differences.

But national politics has been brought to such low level by extremist forces which are creating rifts among Indian people on the basis of castes and religions.

So those politicians and their supporters doing vote bank politics and dividing Indian masses on the basis of religions and castes are also assisting the terrorists actually.

Recently Aligarh Muslim University was targeted in what can be called as the conspiracy to defame Indian Muslims and Aligarh Muslim University to spread anti-Muslim venom and polarize the UP electorate before forthcoming Loksabha elections.

Republic TV team was used to implement this conspiracy .This means a large section of so called National and Main stream media has become tool of Sangh Pariwar and BJP in  vitiating communal amity for petty political gains .

Last four and half years of BJP rule saw communal polarization .It is very unfortunate that every trivial issue is being made into Hindu-Muslim clash and conflict .

There are paid persons who are manufacturing material promoting hatred on social media .There are Media organization doing the same kind of journalism to spread hatred and discord among communities .Therefore , whenever , the time comes when Nation needs unity , it becomes difficult to achieve .

The extremist elements who time and again call Muslim populated areas of the countries as “Mini Pakistan “ or “ Den Of Bangladeshi Intruders “ grab such occasions for Muslim bashing .This is what is exactly happening today also .Nation need unity but communal elements are  spreading communal hatred over Pulwama  tragedy .This is sheer greed of power .

Tragic loss of lives of CRPF personnel is being captured as a golden political opportunity to score points for forthcoming general elections .Therefore , the Pulwama tragedy  is beacon towards

a fight for communal amity  .

The forces of division and communal hatred must be defeated at any cost , whether they are from Pakistan or India .They will not let common man stay in peace .



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