What Is Real Agenda Behind “World Hindu Congress” In US ?

MUMBAI: World Hindu Congress , organised in USA ,   is being opposed by  secular forces of America who allege that RSS , VHP people are organising this Conference to raise funds and network internationally to push their agenda of hatred and violence further  .

The WHC is officially organised by World Hindu Foundation which is based in Gurgaon ,India. But it is alleged that Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America is the main organization brhind this  along with  Hindu Swyam Sewak Sangh , SSH , the official organ of RSS in USA .VHP which is known for hate , extremism and violence in India  floated it’s American wing as “Vishwa Hindu Parishad Of America “ to further the communal agenda of its parent organisation in US .

These are the organisations who have documented history of communal violence and communal hatred .US administration has officially listed VHP as a militant religious organisation .The secular  forces in US are drawing attention of US  people that leaders and followers of  RSS and VHP believe in fascist policies and they are ardent followers and fans of Hitler and Nazis .

RSS ideologue M.S.Golwalkar in his book ,”We Or Our Nationhood Defined” ,said ” German race pride has now become topic of the day .

To keep up the purity of the race and culture , Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of the Semitic races , the Jews , a good lesson for us in Hindustan for us to learn and profit by .”

Many secular groups are creating awareness in US against militant Hindu organisations like RSS , VHP on the eve of  World Hindu Congress .It is said that the real objective of organising of this Congress is to legitimise embolden the hate groups  affiliated to RSS and VHP ,to raise funds for them and to network internationally to further push their agenda of hate and violence .



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