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Cow has been a tool of mass political mobilization for Hindu Fanatic forces since 1870. The Namdhari Sikh sect (Sikh Kuaka) began Cow Protection Movement in 1870.

Later, Arya Samaj leader Swami Dayanand Saraswati formed Gaw Rakshini Sabha in 1882.

Founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dayanand Saraswati
Founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dayanand Saraswati

The Sabha made this animal a symbol to unite and mobilize Hindus, challenged Muslim religious tradition of cow slaughter, and thus provoked a series of communal riots throughout India during the 1880’s and 1890’s.

In 1888, a North-West Provincial High Court decreed that Cow was not a religious or sacred object.

This court verdict gave impediment to Cow Protection movement, which was dramatically intensified.

Cow's being escorted to Gau-shala's
Cow’s being escorted to Gau-shala’s

The later decades of 19th century and earlier decades of the 20th century saw a large number of communal riots, triggered by the cow protection movements and cow slaughter for religious purpose.

Even after Independence, Cow protection and Cow Slaughter became a very sensitive communal issue.

The cow, during this period has been converted into a symbol of communal identity of Hindus, it is said.

A Mughal Feast
A Mughal Feast

The  fanatic  elements have asserted that beef eating began as Islamic tradition in India. However some scholars and Historians dispute this claim as false. They say that Cow was not so sacred during Vedic or subsequent Brahmanical and non-Brahmanical traditions.

According to Historian Prof D.N. Jha, Cow‘s flesh, along with other varieties of meat, was quite often a part of ‘Haute Cuisine’ in early India.

The general perception among Hindus that beef eating coincided with Muslim rule in India is wrong.  Prof D.N .Jha said that slaughtering of cow for food was very much prevalent in ancient India.

According to Historian Rajender Lal Mitra, beef eating habits were very much in existence among Indo-Aryans.

British Scholar and Civil Servant William Crooke, in 1891, wrote extensively on sanctity of Holy Cow, but also revealed that there was a tradition of eating beef in early India during old times.

Protest's against Cow Vigilante's in Rajasthan
Protest’s against Cow Vigilante’s in Rajasthan

Respected Historian Mr P.V.Kane wrote a five volume book on history titled, “History of Dharam Shastra“. Mr Kane described that early Dharam Shastrik Passages spoke of cow slaughter and beef eating.

During Post-Independent India, Hidutva forces carried on the agenda of Hindu polarization through their time tested Cow Protection movements.

The Independent India also saw many communal riots, over the allegations of Cow slaughter.

Fanaticism has been ruining facts so much that even rumors of Cow Killing have resulted into serious Anti-Muslim communal riots, in many parts of India, during the last few decades.

Cow Vigilante's Beating up People
Cow Vigilante’s Beating up People

For the past 3 years, Muslims are being  lynched and being killed just over suspicion of carrying beef along with them, or keeping beef  in their house.

For the last 140 years, Cow Violence has been trying to destroy  the secular  fabric of Indian society.

Will it Succeed?



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