VHP To Carry Forward Cow- Agenda Despite Mob-Lynching Incidents



VHP To Carry  Forward  Cow- Agenda Despite Mob-Lynching Incidents

New Delhi: Hindutva Forces and specially Sangh Pariwar affiliates are carrying on their  COW –AGENDA ahead despite such cow protection movement has turned into mob lynching .VHP did not oppose or condemn  mob lynching in the name of cow protection directly .But Sangh Pariwar leaders are saying that  killing of Muslims by  mob must not be considered according to religion of attackers .PM has condemned such incidents mildly and sadi that Jharkhand state  must not be defamed by condemning Mob Lynching .
However , VHP is trying to broaden their COW-AGENDA as it proposes demand to form Cow Welfare Ministry . A recent report by PTI has said about the meeting of VHP

in which some decisions were made :

The VHP meeting also demanded tough action against cow slaughter and advocated a separate Ministry for the protection of the animal, revered by Hindus.

He said the meeting, which concluded on June 30, demanded a separate cow protection Ministry to oversee an end of the cow slaughter in the country and an early construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. “The meeting expressed hope that the Central government will take necessary steps for the construction of Ram Temple. The people of the country will render full cooperation to the government in this regard,” he said.

“We want government to act tough against cow slaughter,” said Mr. Bansal, claiming that incidents of mob lynching is being blown out of proportion as only a few incidents had taken place and the reason later turned out to be something else.

The Hindus have a sentiment attached with the cow and the people of other religions should respect it even as the cow is equally beneficial for all.

“We condemn all incidents of violence against anyone including cow vigilantes who often come on roads after they feel nothing is done to protect the revered animal. Nobody is speaking against the atrocities committed against them,” he said.(News  Source : PTI )

Cow vigilantes are protecting animals and cannot imagine taking away human lives, claimed Mr. Bansal. Referring to the killing of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, Mr. Bansal said though his death looks suspicious, an incident of crime should be seen through the criminal angle only.




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