US Threatens Myanmar Of Sanction, UK, Swiss Pledge More Aid For Rohingyas

DHAKA: US has threatened Myanmar that it is exploring the scope to impose sanction against Myanmar government , UK and Swiss governments pledged additional assistance of $25 million for the Rohingya Muslim refugees being sheltered in Bangladesh .

According to reports, US asked the Myanmar authorities to facilitate the safe and voluntary return of all Rohingyas from Bangladesh .US also urged the Myanmar government to address the root cause of planned and systematic discrimination against the Rohingya ethnic minority.

US also urged that the recommendations of Rakhine State Advisory Commission must be implemented, which include the provision of credible path to citizenship of this persecuted minority.


According to another report, UK and Switzerland have pledged additional $24 million aid and relief for Rohingya refugees who escaped the slaughter in Rakhine state of Myanmar and are camping in Bangladesh.

The UK will send additional $15.78 million aid while Swiss government announced that it will send $ 8 million additional assistance for Myanmar refugees.


With such additional aid pledge through the diplomatic channels to the Bangladesh government, it is said that now UK and Switzerland top the chart of the donor countries that are helping in the relief measures for Rohingya refugees.

It is said so far, UK has pledged $63 million and Switzerland has pledged $8.8 million, so far and they have contributed most for the uprooted Rohingya Muslims.

UK government while pledging additional assistance for Rohingya Muslim refugees also released a statement.

his press statement said,” Ethnic cleansing, sexual violence, starvation and murder of children have no place in our world .Today’s pledges are only just the beginning .The world cannot afford to wait as innocent men, women and children continue to lose their lives.”

It is said that there are pressing needs of basic facilities and its improvement in the Rohingya relief camps .According to the Swiss embassy in Bangladesh, this country decided to pledge additional assistance as the growing need of security, water, food, and sanitation is highly required.




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