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MUMBAI: According to reports, US Muslims are countering ‘Islamophobia’ and hate campaigns unleashed by Anti Islam forces. The United States saw a successful challenge to the hate mongers when Muslims and secular US citizens thronged the streets all over the country in what was described as the Counter – Protests against nationwide ‘Anti-Islam’ and ‘Anti-Sharia’ rallies of divisive and destructive forces.

Protest against Islamophobia in US
Protest against Islamophobia in US

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group of US had given the call for counter protests. It is very important to note that counter protests dwarfed the Islamophobes and their white supremacist supporters everywhere.

It is said that counter demonstrations against the so called anti Sharia  protests, were huge success. It is reported that almost at every place, Pro Muslim demonstrations had ten times bigger crowds, which strengthen the faith of US Muslims in secular character of US society further.

CAIR office bearers remarked that they were very much concerned over the rise in anti Islam hate mongering but Saturday’s demonstrations saw tremendous rise in support of Muslims, which is exulting moment.

Anti Muslim protests have increased in recent times.
Anti Muslim protests have increased in recent times.

This shows that US Muslims are no more ready to tolerate anti Islam campaigns and hatreds lying down. It is also evident that they are soliciting co-operation of their non-Muslim brothers and sisters to oppose the divisive, racial and extremist forces.

Last week, the anti Islamophobia demonstration saw more crowds, ten times bigger than anti Sharia protesters. This is a new ray of hope for those who believe in peace and humanity and who desire that the forces of hatred, to be defeated as soon as possible.

ACT for America is a racial, anti-Muslim lobbying group, which is creating hatred in the US society. This organization is opposed to Muslim immigration. In their thinly attended anti sharia protests, the volunteers chanted, hateful slogans like No More Muslims, Shariah Laws Threat to US etc.

This organization has been designated as an anti-Muslim hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center.

An Islamophobia Rally
An Islamophobia Rally

However a bold decision of US Muslims to challenge the fascist anti-Muslim hate mongers on the very streets where they had planned to create their racial drama has paid.

Many Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of other faiths challenged the hate mongering of handful insane persons, who want to destabilize the society and create rift among citizens and societies. Now, they will have to face stiff opposition.




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