Why Urdu Can’t Be 2nd Official National Language Of India ?

NEW DELHI : Urdu is an Indian language .This unfortunate  language has been the target of bias and neglect since Independence .It is very surprising that a country is neglecting and doing injustice to a language which was born and brought up in the same country .But the politics of hatred has done much harm and hatred with this language .

It is a grave mistake to say that Urdu is the language of Muslims .Similarly it will also be wrong to say that Hindi is the language of Hindus.Both are Indian languages .During the Muslim rule in India for centuries , Urdu was not the official language .

It is wrong to assume that  Urdu was patronized by Muslim rulers .Persian was official language of India during the Muslim regime .Even during the Company Raj , Persian was retained as  official language for certain period .

It was the British government which made Urdu as the official language of India in 1838 .They replaced the official Persian language with Urdu .

So , the British government was the one to recognize Urdu as official language of India .Later on after 1857 revolt against British , the very same rulers adopted the policy of divide and rule .Therefore history stands witness to the fact that Hindu-Muslim problem and Hindi-Urdu problem rose only after 1860s .

Hindi Urdu have been the sister languages .These were the languages of common people , whether Hindus or Muslims , during those time when Persian was the official language of India .

The Urdu language was born in Bazars and Army camps due to the interaction of people of various ethnicities and linguistic origin .So ,Urdu became a mass language of common people .

Unfortunately Urdu became the target of hate politics .Gandhi ji advised the use of Hindustani , a dual language consisting of both Urdu and Hindi .But unfortunately he was killed before

the issue of national language was decided .


The fact remains that Urdu is purely an Indian language and it needs constitutional protection. Many states have declared Urdu as the 2nd  official language of the states .But Central government also has constitutional responsibility towards this language .It will be in the interest of justice if Central government gives Urdu the status of 2nd official national Language also , as has been done by many states .



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