UP:65 Year Old Dalit , His Son Attacked , Forced To Drink Urine

UP:65 Year Old Dalit , His Son Attacked , Forced To Drink Urine


LUCKNOW : The atrocious attacks on poor people belonging to Dalit communities are the rise under Yogi Raj .The latest case is reported from Roda Village , Lalitpur .According to reports , a 65 year old Dalit man and his son were beaten and forced to drink their own urine .Victim dared to file a police complaint against the accused person last week .He along with his son was taught a lesson for daring to complain against them in the police .Accused was harassing the complainant Dalit father and son due since they lodged a complaint .

This means , even after lodging complaints in the police stations , Dalits are harassed and they do not get sufficient protection from police .This is evident in this case .After a week of harassment to take back their complaint , the accused person attacked 65 year old  Dalit person and his son .They were also forced to drink their urine .This is a shameful incident which shows that Dalit are not safe in UP and they are not being protected by UP Police sufficiently despite various hollow assurances given by CM Yogi .



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