UP : Mother walks with dead son’s body

UP : Mother walks with dead son’s body

in India — by Countercurrents Team

Lucknow :In Shahjahanpur of Uttar Pradesh a mother walked with her dead son’s body home as the hospital denied ambulance. The deceased child had been admitted to the hospital after he encountered high fever. It was alleged that three ambulances were parked at the hospital but the authorities failed to spare one.

The doctors of the concerned hospital dismissed the claims of the parents. The father of the deceased told the news agency, ANI that the doctors asked them to take their child to another hospital. The hospital also refused to give them a vehicle for going to another hospital.

With no money in their pockets, the deceased decided to walk to another hospital. The mother of the deceased alleged that her son had passed away on their way to the hospital.

The emergency medical officer, Anurag Parashar stated that they had admitted a child named Afroz in their hospital at 8:10 pm. Parashar added that since the condition of the child was not good, they asked the parents to take him to Lucknow for proper treatment. Parashar alleged that on hearing this, the parents of the child ‘scoffed’ and said that they will take their child wherever they want. After saying this, the parents of the deceased allegedly left.

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