Unique Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative this Independence by Voice of Ram

NEW DELHI: Neighbors India and Pakistan are celebrating 70 years Independence. Pakistan celebrated Independence Day on August 14. India is celebrating Independence Day on August 15. Both countries are in celebration mode. Flags are being unfurled. Festivities are on the go. Air is full of slogans and national songs. Celebration of freedom is evident on both sides of borders.


Those borders, which were  witness to the worst kind of tragedy in 1947 due to partition. That bitter truth does not affect the joy accompanying the celebration of Independence Day.

Two neighboring nations are celebrating their Independence day separately. But there are people on both sides who want a common celebration. They want to share their joys and festivities together. News is exulting that Indian & Pakistani singers decided to sing national anthem of each other’s country this Independence Day.


This initiative was taken up by the social media page ”Voice Of Ram“. Voice Of Ram Peace Anthem featured 13 artistes respectively from both sides of the border, as they hope to spread love and peace through such initiative in Pakistan and India. These music bands preaching harmony on both sides are examples for venom spitting politicians.

Film maker and activist Ram Subramanian, Brain behind this Indo-Pak peace effort, said that such music videos are small efforts to achieve big goal as majority of people in both the countries are afraid  to speak about peace and friendship openly.

Pakistani singers Natasha Baig, J Ali, Alycia Dias, Zeeshan Ali participated in this effort. Their effort is being appreciated on social media.

Natasha Baig, in a still from the Video
Natasha Baig, in a still from the Video

Peace Activists and Political analysts on both sides of the border are suggesting that India and Pakistan, Nations born in 1947, must not identify themselves to religion. Their nationalism must not be connected to a particular religion. Maturity is the need on both sides, when these neighboring countries have entered into 71st year of Independence.

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