NEW DELHI: Modi Government’s policy  to deport Rohingya Muslim refugees has been criticized by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , while Myanmar government has been accused of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims  .

The Mynmar government also came under fire for denial of persecution, spreading false information  and putting blames on oppressed Rohingya Muslims .

Mr. Zeid Ra’ad  Al Hussain the UN High Commissioner for human rights , while delivering inaugural statement in the 36th of Human rights council in Geneva , severely criticised Myanmar and asked the Myanmar government to stop false claims that Rohingya Muslims are themselves putting on fire their homes and laying waste to their own villages .

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr.Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussain said that Myanmar government’s denial on the plight of Rohingya Muslims is doing great damage to the understanding of government which until recently benefitted from the goodwill .

It is reported that Myanmar government refused to allow a UN investigation into the incidents of alleged persecution of Rohingya Muslims.

UN High Commissioner further stated,”Because Myanmar refused access to human rights investigators the current situation cannot be fully assessed, but the situation seems to be a text book example of ethnic cleansing.

Referring  Indian Government’s approach towards Rohingya Muslims , UN High Commissioner Al Hussain said that New Delhi’s decision to deport the Rohingya Muslim refugees is deplorable .There are 40000 Rohingya Muslim refugees in India , amongst which 16500 are registered with UN refugee authority .

UN High Commissioner further said , “ Indian minister of state for home affairs has reportedly said that India is not a signatory to Refugee Convention , so it has no obligation towards refugees .But , by virtue  of customary laws , it’s ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights , the obligation of due process , and the universal principle of  non – refoulement ,India cannot carry out  collective expulsion , or return people to a place  where they risk torture or other serious violations.

UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Mr.Al Hussain also expressed concern over the murder of an anti-communal journalist Gauri Lankesh .




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