DHAKA : The influx of Rohingya Muslims is continuing , and UN is not taking any effective action against Myanmar , as there are reports that ethnic cleansing of  Rohingya Muslims is continuing .UN refugee agency feared that more refugees will come into Bangladesh .Therefore it has appaeled to the world community to send more relief material .

But many international organisations blasted UN for their ineffective role in stopping Myanmar military from violence and destruction , while it is acting as a relief organisation .

According to UN Refuee Agency report  391000 Rohingya Muslim refugees have reached in  Bangladesh refugee camps since 25 August , 2017 when Myanmar Army began ethnic cleansing program in the garb of anti terrorist operation .

The report further said that a large number of men , women and children were forced to flee to escape the violence .The refugees who reached Bangladesh were exhausted , hungry and  sick after walking for days from their villages through jungles , across mountains and rivers carrying whatever little they can bring from their homes .

The UN refugee agency said that there is an urgent need for emergency shelters and core relief items as more refugees arrive .This is a hint from the UN agency that persecution of Rohingya Muslims has not stopped .Myanmar military is continuing their war crimes .World powers are not being able to contain them .UN refugee agency is expecting more refugees and destroyed  Rohingyas will be sheltered as refugees in Bangladesh .

According to media reports, UN has proved to be inefficient .Amnesty International, Human Rights  Watch and other organizations blasted UN as it could not effectively stop the atrocities , violence and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims .It seems that it is just doing lip service or Myanmar is not at all concerned or afraid of some action against it from UN.

The global rights groups have deplored UN .Amnesty International office bearer Sherin tadros told the UN , “Without some sort of public proclamation  by security council members , the message you are sending to the Myanmar government is deadly and they will continue to do it .”



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