Ulemas Support Independence Day Celebrations, Oppose Vande Mataram

LUCKNOW: This is not the first time that many Islamic Madrasas are planning to celebrate Independence day celebrations on a large scale. It is not the first time that Indian Tri-Colors flags will be unfurled by Ulemas outside many Mosques and Madrasas this independence day. The history shows that many Islamic scholars, Ulemas and Imams of Mosques have been celebrating independence day right from the beginning. Many Madrasas and Muslim religious organizations have been regularly celebrating Independence day for the last 70 years.

Therefore it seems very funny on the part of UP Madrasa Council administrator Mr.Rahul Gupta to issue a circular directing all Madrasas to organize Independence Day programs, sing  National Anthem, make video of the event and send it to the authorities.

Such instruction is bizarre, which reflects the mindset of some government officials towards Islamic Madrasas and religious institutions. Even the education department does not compel schools and colleges to send videos and pictures of Independence day celebrations to the officials. This shows how some government officials have biased, communal, narrow  and negative views about Islamic Madrasas. This insulting circular casting aspersions of patriotism as well as honesty of Islamic Madrasas of Up also shows that the high officials like Mr.Gupta does not have proper information about Independence day celebrations in Madrasas and Islamic religious institution. Otherwise he did not need to issue such controversial circular.


Those officials or politicians who  doubt patriotism of Ulemas and Madrasas do not do justice to a large number of these Islamic seminaries. The freedom struggle of India has been testimony that Ulemas and Students from these Madrasas fought bravely against the British Government. Many of these Ulemas and Students of Madrasas were Martyred and Jailed in the path of Freedom Struggle. Lakhs of Ulemas and Madrasa students took active part in various agitations during freedom struggle.

The Ulemas say that, it is wrong on the government officials, ministers and politicians of UP to give an impression that Ulemas and Students of these Madrasas were not celebrating independence day. The Ulemas and Madrasas have been organizing events and celebrations of Independence day but they still hold on to their opposition to Vande Mataram.

The sources say that Madrasas and Islamic religious organizations will organize independence day celebration programs all over the country this year also. The Indian flag will be unfurled and National anthem will be sang but not Vande Mataram.



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