UK : 350 Mosques ,Islamic Groups Unite Against Islamophobia Within Ruling Party

LONDON: More than 350 Mosques and Islamic groups in UK have come together against Islamophobia within the ranks of ruling Conservatives.UK ‘s umbrella Muslim organization ,the Muslim Council of Britain listed multiple examples of Islamophobia among the members and leaders of ruling Tory Conservative party .

Then 11 Muslim organizations demanded an inquiry into such incidents and examples of Islamophobia .

According to reports ,more than 350 Mosques and Islamic groups of UK demanded that the ruling party of UK must launch an internal probe into the allegations  and examples of Islamophobia the ruling party leaders and members are indulging in .

According to the Independent Online report a representative of Muslim Council of Britian said that it is very exulting act of the Mosques in UK who wrote in support of the call for an inquiry in this issue. It is reported that MCB has support of at least two senior conservative party leaders who have asked the party to launch an inquiry into the allegations .



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