Dr. Ambedkar in his book on Pakistan described the Muslim point of view opposing a central Government in India which was placed by D. Mohammed Iqbal in 3rd Round Table Conference.

According to him, “The Muslims openly declared that they do not want any Central Government in India and they have given their reason in   the most   unambiguous terms. They have succeeded in bringing into being five provinces which are predominantly Muslim in population. In these provinces, they see the possibility of Muslims forming a Government and they are anxious to see that the independence of the Muslim Governments in these provinces is preserved. Actuated by these considerations , the Central Government is an eyesore for Muslims in India .As they visualize the scene , they see their Muslim provinces made subject to a Central Government predominantly Hindu and endowed with powers of supervision over and even of interference in , the  administration of  these Muslim provinces .The Muslims feel that to accept one Central Government for the whole of India is to consent to place the Muslim Provincial Governments under a Hindu Central Government and to see the gain secured by the creation of Muslim Provinces lost by subjecting them to a Hindu Government at the Centre .The Muslim way of  escape from this tyranny of a Hindu Centre is to have no Central Government in India at all .”

( Dr. Ambedkar WAS / vol .8 / Pakistan or The Partition of India / pg.viii)



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