Twenty Thousands Former Israeli Soldiers Visit India Every Year , 90 % Take Drugs

MUMBAI : According to a report published  in “Jewish Post “ ,approximately 20,000 former Israeli soldiers on completing compulsory military service in Israel travel to India and 90 %  of them take to drugs .The report  filed by Clause Mueller also said that approximately 2000 former soldiers flip out or go crazy as  they lose their emotional control in India every year  .

These are some facts revealed by a political documentary “FLIPPING OUT “produced by  noted Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir , which created discussion and debate in Israel .On completion of compulsory military service , these Israeli soldiers are paid a bonus of $ 4300 along with regular pay .

The documentary through visuals narrates that these Israeli soldiers while discharging their duties in Palestine which involves killing and destruction, damages them resulting in post- traumatic stress disorder .


There is a  large number of US former soldiers who suffer such disorder as they return from war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq .Goa and Himalayan range are  most popular destinations for Israeli  former soldiers  visiting India .

According to the Jewish Post report  which refers to the said documentary , these fromer Israeli soldiers stay in secluded and segregated communal settings which are called as “KASOL -SIN “ or  “ Crime – City .” Their hotels are usually segregated from Indian population , the report said .

Thy usually come to India to enjoy life  through large parties , where use of all drugs including ecstasy ,marijuana , cocaine , hashish , LSD and other hard drugs remains at a very large scale .

The communal elements and a section of large media is portraying the image that Israel is the best friend of India .But this  report of Jewish Post while analysing  relations of Indians and Israeli former military soldier tourists said ,”Relations between Israelis and Indians are pragmatic but not friendly .

As one Israeli points out , the Indians are like Arabs .Conversely ,Indians consider the Israelis to be noisy , drug addicted ,and out of control .Yet , with an average income of $500 per year  they depend on the funds provided by the Israeli expatriates .”



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