Tragic struggle of Victim Mohammed Rafiq Shah:

Twelve Squandered Years of Innocent Delhi Blast Accused: Rafiq Shah

Twelve years ago in 2005, 3 bomb blasts hit Delhi which left nearly 67 dead and many injured. The blast was one of the worst which had occurred in the National capital. Responsibility of the attack was claimed by “Islamic Inquilab Mahaz”.

Five people were arrested following the blasts out of which two had confessed to being part of these blasts and were sentenced in 2014 by the Court. The remaining three, Mohammed Rafiq Shah, Mohammed Hussain Fazili and Tariq Ahmed Dar, all of whom belonged to Jammu and Kashmir were accused for various charges including conspiracy, waging war against the state, murder to name a few.

Rafiq Shah and Fazili were acquitted by the Delhi High Court on 16th February, 2017 due to the failure of Police to produce enough evidence for conviction.

Many bits of proofs which the police produced ended up being fake and were dismissed. Dar on the other hand was the only one found guilty for minor charges; he was sentenced to ten months in jail.

Rafiiq Shah and his Mother


Tragic struggle of Mohammed Rafiq Shah:

Rafiq Shah who was pursuing masters in Islamic Studies from Kashmir University, multiple times told the cops and the court that he was attending classes in Srinagar at the time the impacts occurred in Delhi. Regardless of the records presented by four of his educators, the case went to trial, and Shah remained in prison for a long time until he was absolved by a trial court in Delhi on 16 February, 2017.

Rafiq Shah told about his condition in jail when he was in detention. The torture he faced in the jail was embarrassing and cruel. He was compelled to consume urine which was brought in plastic bottles.

Electric shocks were given via his genital. He was hung bare upside down for a long time and humiliated which individuals recorded on their cell phones. On a few occasions, his trouser was filled with rats and they were used to scrawl everywhere on his body. He shares a smelly dingy cell with a pig which sometimes moved on his body which was formidable in their religion.

Rafiq was charged with planting a bomb in a DTC bus on 29 October 2005, which killed many innocent people. The police tortured him badly and when he was used to argue they always replied that each person is a terrorist in Kashmir. He also tells initially when they were taken to the prison they were blindfolded and police authorities were used to remove their clothes in order to beat them with Wet towels so as to give them unbearable pain. Shah additionally included that at a few cases he and his co-accused were even sexually assaulted by the police authorities.

He was blindfolded and his facial hair was trimmed to a French beard and a mysterious bespectacled man was used to come and watch them nude and even made videos of this humiliation.

His look was so disturbing that sometimes they asked for death from Allah to get rid of this humiliation, Shah Added.

He told the court that in order to get rid of this torture he also signed some blank papers. Later their confession was written on these papers and the document was produced as an evidence against them.



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