Why Trump Put Gaza On Fire?

LONDON: US President Trump has fueled on fire and Gaza is again engulfed into fierce fighting .Israeli jets resorted to bombing and rocket firing at civilian areas of Gaza .Hundreds of innocent citizens including children have been injured .

It is presumed that this is a planned strategy and well thought  declaration to escalate new tension in the region .

The Trump decision to declare Jerusalem as Israeli capital was expected to  get serious repercussion .US President was warned by his advisers but knowing all the reactions well in advance ,US President went ahead with his declaration .

That means the US administration and US president have a deliberate plan to put Palestine on fire and destabilize the process of peace .It is also presumed that such announcement has been made to put the declaration of state of Palestine on back burner .

The mews from Gaza revealed that at least four persons have been killed so far .The protests by Palestinians in the occupied land are being resisted by force  by Israeli security forces .

They are committing atrocities against the unarmed Palestinian protesters .Israeli security forces break every law and commit human rights violations on a very large scale.

Israeli military on the other hand alleged that they reacted as the rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli territories .But such excuses are  given as and when the Israeli forces desire to kill  innocent people and destruct civil areas in Palestine .

But eyewitness account tears the Israeli excuses .Reports from Gaza said that the Israeli jets targeted civilian buildings and many victims in the bombing are children and women which bares Israeli lies .

Official Israeli statement said that they targeted  Hamas centres and arms depot but assessment of destruction in  Gaza proves that Israel is making false claim to put Gaza on fire again .But the main responsibility lies on US president Trump who opened the door of new wave of killing in  Gaza by his unwise decision .



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