Why Trump Asked For $ 1.5 lakh Compensation After 9/11 Attacks?

NEW YORK :Was Donald Trump , a New York  real estate  tycoon , owning a 71 storied tower in  down town Manhattan , happy after 9/11 attacks ?   Did he said that after the attacks, his tower became highest building in New York?  And why he claimed $ 1,50,000 as compensation for loss of rent and repairs from the US government ?

These question are being raised as US is observing the 16th anniversary of 9/11 attacks .This is first time that the real estate tycoon of New York is the President of US .
Before elected as the President of US , Donald Trump was a real estate tycoon in New York .The media reports said that before running for elections , Trump  created many controversies  about the 9/11 attacks , which did not suit to  the stature of a serious politician . He had his 71 storied tower near twin towers .The TWC were the tallest building in USA .

But after the 9/11 attacks destroyed these , Donald Trump in his radio interview in 2001 bragged that his tower ( 40 Wall Street ) which was the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan , And now has become the tallest .”His comments were considered as the mockery of the tragedy by some US writers.

His comments suggested that as the Us was mourning the death of 3000 people , Trump was happy that his tower  in New York , which was second tallest towers , till 9/11 , become the tallest tower after 9/11 attacks .

The report in the “Independent”  also revealed that shortly after the 9/11 attacks , Donald Trump , who was then just a business man and property owner  claimed $150000  from the US government to cover the rent loss and repairing expenses .

The newspaper said that this amount was originally set aside by the government for small businesses of the area.



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