Is Trump Anti- Pakistan Stand Gain For China ?

US President Trump accused that Pakistan by harbouring terrorists sanctuaries is prolonging war in Afghanistan .

KABUL: Is shift in US policy towards Pakistan in Afghan affairs, gain for China? The Guardian’s expert on US forign policy, Abhishek Parajuli wrote,”If there is one clear winner of the new approach ( of US President Trump ) in Afghanistan , it is China .”He described the sternest rebuke aimed at Pakistan by US President as the serious strategic mistake.”The speech threatens to push Pakistan closer to China and jeopardises the fragile military civil balance in the south Asian nations ,” Abhishek Parajuli  added.

The reports inPakistani media , recently, reported of such developments .
Relation between Pakistan and US took major dive as US President Trump accused that Pakistan is prolonging war in Afghanistan. He also accused Pakistan of harboring the agents of chaos and providing safe havens for militant’s group waging militancy against US backed forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistani officials countered the US President saying that US military has failed in Afghanistan to eliminate militant sanctuaries even within Afghanistan .The Pakistan alleged that US President is making Pakistan a scapegoat  for the military failures of America , in Afghanistan .

China has come to the rescue of a shocked Pakistan .According to a Pakistani media report; a Chinese ambassador Deng is visiting Pakistan as the country reels from the shock US President’s new policy on Afghanistan. China and Pakistan, last week pledge to have closer coordination on Afghanistan.

Washington DC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting the President of United States of America (USA), Donald Trump and the first lady of USA, Melania Trump at White House, in Washington DC, USA on Tuesday.PTI Photo /pib(PTI6_27_2017_000029B)

This development is the result of US admonition of Pakistan over the affairs of Afghanistan. The experts say that China has  pledged to invest $ 57 billion in Pakistan , so it has to protect its economic interests .China has ambitious plan to build a new Silk Route , which will connect Asia , with Europe and Africa through  land and sea trade routes .Pakistan plays an important key in China’s “ Road and

Belt Initiative “.Therefore, China is assuring its support to a harassed and shocked Pakistan .US shift in policy towards Pakistan is bringing Pakistan, much closer to China, it is said.



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