MUMBAI: The BJP government totally ignored The Communal Violence Bill which aimed at prevention of communalism and communal violence .Instead, it introduced Triple talaq Bill so it has been clearly proved by the central government that it is not interested in prevention of communalism or communal violence.

By projecting Triple talaq bill as a high priority it exposed its communal face .Although Triple talaq is a social problem of Muslim community, it is not an important national problem as growing communalism and communal riots.

The nation has been facing communal riots since independence .There have been more than 15 thousands communal riots till date.Even during the three and half year of Modi rule ,several serious  communal riots occurred in many parts of the country resulting in loss of properties and life .

But for a section of politicians and political parties , communal riots and communalism are tool of politics and electoral strategy .Therefore , they are not serious to eliminate communalism and communal riots from their root .

Therefore, although The prevention of communal riots bill was introduced in the parliament during the last regime, the present government is seemed to be not interested in it .

In February 2014 the Bill was introduced in Rajya Sabha but united opposition which included BJP forced the erstwhile UPA government to defer the bill .It was argued that the bill was against the spirit of federalism .But the present government is introducing such measures which are being considered as  encroachment on the rights of not only states but also of the citizens .

The BJP opposed the bill but the bill seeks consent of state government at every step therefore it does not violates the powers of states .The need of the security of the nation demands that the laws  similar to the anti terror acts must be framed at national level to combat the menace of communalism and communal riots .

But BJP which thrived on the communal issues like Ram Mandir controversy and communal riots like Post Babri Masjid demolition riots, Gujarat riots etc is not interested in Anti Communal Violence Bill .Therefore there is a need to pressurize the government through public movements to make anti communal riots law .



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