Top 7 Places In Mumbai For Women To Shop

When it comes to shopping in Mumbai, you need to have patience and bargaining skills more than you need money. Well that of course, runs in the blood of every other woman you see.

From the many options available to shop, there are only a few worth the while. And since shopping gulps down your entire day, let’s make sure it’s invested well.

Here’s a list of top 7 places in Mumbai that’ll take your shopping experience up a notch.

1. Mangaldas Market: 

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with fabric, the extent of variety in this market will surely send jitters down your spine


From the thousands of options available, explore your way out through all kinds of cotton and silk sarees.

2. Hindmata Market, Parel:

A one-shop-stop for Sarees, Salwar kameez and everything Indian, this place holds a special place for traditional lovers.

3. Gandhi Market :

If you have the right set of eyes, Gandhi market is the ultimate shopper’s paradise. From female wardrobes to exotic clothing, everything here is a little “hatke” from the rest.

4. Natraj Market:

One of the oldest shopping destinations, this markets stands tall in the list for it’s wide range of Cosmetics and Clothing.

5. Kalbadevi:

Known as the heart of ethnic Mumbai, no shopping spree is complete without visiting the narrow lanes of this market.

Head out with your experimental brains, shop yourself some crazy outfits, and create a trend of your own.

6. Lokhandwala Market:

This market is known as the prime hub for international products and fashion. From gucci to zara, name a brand and we dare you to not find it here.

7. Linking Road, Bandra:

Clever fakes to cheap Chinese goods, Linking road has it all. One can also find a great deal on unusual yet quirky fashion along the widespread lanes.

So go ahead, and shop till you drop.



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