Top 5 Underworld Dons Of Mumbai

The Mumbai underworld has witnessed many generations of Dons, but the old generation of 1970s and new generation of underworld  during 1980s evoked  interests not only in general public but also amongst Bollywood producers, directors, inspiring them to make films around these underworld characters.

Many times, it has been reported that the Mumbai police prepared a list of top 10 most wanted gangsters, periodically, to arrest them, to kill them in encounters or to curb the activities of different gangs. But what’s interesting would be, to enlist those Mafia Dons, who legit played a major role to organize the Mumbai Mafia, and challenged the workings of law.

Here’s the list as follows:


haji mastan

He is the classic example of a street child who climbed upon the ladder to crime world of the city and became the best of them all.The older generation of the Mumbai Mafia Dons looked up to him as their leader.

No wonder he’s still presumed to be the number one.


dawood ibrahim

Who knew the son of a Mumbai police hawladar could rule the underworld and became the most feared Don in the history? Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, is considered as the number one Don amongst the younger generations of Dons of Mumbai. He fled from Mumbai in 1985 to Dubai and Karachi, where he continued to control his gang, as well as his supremacy  over his rivals.


karim lala

Abdul Karim Sher Khan, famously known as Karim Lala was an Afghan national, who came to Mumbai as a teenager, but settled down to becoming a big-shot. In the early 50s, Mumbai was a city of Pathans, a large number of whom worked in Docks, railways and  at other places as laborers and watchmen. Karim Lala also worked at Docks, only to later on enter the underworld. He organized and patronized the Pathan gang and ruled Mumbai ‘s  underworld for many  decades.


arun gawli

Mumbai witnessed a fierce gang war during 1980s and 1990s. Rama Naik, who was a gangster from Byculla, formed Rama Naik gang, and associated himself with D company. Soon after his killing in a police encounter, his subordinate from Dagdi Chawl, Arun Gulab Gawli became the head of this gang, who later turned to be a ferocious  rival of D-Company. He converted Dagdi Chawl as the headquarter of his gang, which soon became to be known as Gawli gang. He floated his own political party, contested election, became MLA.

He was put into jail many times, but he controlled the affairs of his gang even from inside the jail.

Seemed even like the bars couldn’t stop him from doing what he does best.


vardha rajan

Like Haji Mastan Mirza, the Don of Dharavi, who ruled Mumbai Mafia during 1970s, Vardharajan Mudaliar was also a Madrasi street child whose family migrated to Mumbai to earn bread and butter. Vardha began his life doing odd works in CST area, later he worked as dock worker, bootlegger. During prohibition, he moved to Dharavi and developed a vast network of illegal distilleries in the creek of Sion, Matunga, Dharavi. He controlled the illicit liquor trade all over the city, wielded enormous muscle and money power. He remained as the trusted lieutenant of Haji Mastan Mirza.







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