IN VIDEO: Ticket-Checker Tries To Collect Rs. 20 In The Name Of GST. Customers Get Unhappy.

The country has caused a serious uproar post the Goods and Services Tax launch. After the traders and merchants protesting “Bharat-bandh” and almost the entire nation opposing the decision, it’s the consequences that have finally started to speak for themselves.

A video recently has been surfaced across the internet that shows the TTE of Queen Express asking customers to pay an extra fare of Rs. 20 each, in accordance to the new tax system (GST).

According to the reports, he claims that he was asked by the government officials to do so. The tax rate on air-conditioned train ticket fares has been hiked from 4.5 per cent to 5 per cent.

The passengers, as seen in the video, end up arguing as they feel it inappropriate for them to pay any extra tax levied on tickets booked before July 1.

They even demanded the TTE for an official circular to which he ignored by saying that all would be guaranteed a receipt. The crowd however wasn’t convinced.

However, The Financial Express has confirmed in a report saying that no action has been taken against the TTE so far.



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