Three Years Jail For Triple Talaq

NEW DELHI : The central government will introduce a new legislation in winter session of Parliament .The draft bill it is said proposes three year jail for triple Talaq .Any Muslim husband who will divorce his wife by any means  will be liable for prosecution if he gives instant triple talaq , it is said .

Therefore , under new law ,triple Talaq will become a cognizable and non-bail able offence .A drfat bill has been prepared and is being sent to the states to get their views .After receiving the feedback from states , a final draft will be made , the sources said to the media .

The new law will ban oral , written or electronic form of Triple talaq  .Itis sadi that the proposed law will carry sentence for the husband who can be arrested in the offence as this is being made a cognizable offence .

The bill will also have the right of the women to seek maintenance allowance for her as well as her children.



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