Three Muslim Clerics Attacked In A Running UP Train

BAGHPAT (UP):The communal criminal elements are doing their work to create communal polarisation on the eve of Municipal elections in UP , and  it was proved once again when three Muslim clerics were attacked in a moving train last night .

This incident has been strongly resented and  Muslim organizations are alleging that law and order situation under Yogi regime is worsening day by day .It is alleged that communal goondas are active in this government targeting Muslims which is serious threat to communal peace .

The three Ulemas who were  travelling in a train were attacked only because they wore a particular type of scarf .”The attackers shouted while attacking us , why you are wearing this Rumal ( scarf ) , “  one of the victims said .

Such racial and communal violence against religious Muslims are rising in UP , it is said . According to the reports , three Muslims who are teachers at an Islamic , Arabic Madarasa who were travelling in a train were attacked as they were preparing to get down at their destination .

It is said that a group of six goondas bolted them from inside and attacked on them .they were severely beaten in a moving train . The victims said that attackers also used iron rods to beat them .

According to one report , the attackers threw  them from the running train but this has not been confirmed yet .The three Ulema were admitted in the hospital where they are being treated for grievous injuries .


Police officers however are passing this incident as a group fight over sharing of seats .They are denying that this is a racial or communal attack .The Police Officer Jai Prakash said however that he has no proof to back his theory .

He said that a case has been registered and investigations are being conducted although the attacker have not been identified .Last year a UP Muslim family was attacked by a communal mob of 20 persons .This incident is similar to that old incident when the train compartment was bolted from inside and Muslim family was beaten in a train by the mob who was raising communal slogans .



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