Thousands Of Volunteers Serving Participants In Aurangabad Ijtema

AURANGABAD :Thousands of  Aurangabad Muslims have volunteered to serve lakhs of participants who are coming from various districts of state as well as country and few foreign countries .These volunteers are seen everywhere from Railway station , Airport , petrol pumps to  various important junctions .

They are helping and guiding participants to the Ijtemagah .Many autorickshaw drivers are ferrying participants free and they are refusing to take fare .

At many places along the highways , many auto – bus- motor mechanics are offering free services to the vehicles carrying participants , in case they  face any problem .

The  some Aurangabd Muslims are offering snacks , tea , water to the participants  saying that they are host to the people coming to attend the Ijtema .

The orgnisers have also deployed thousands of volunteers at various points in and around Ijtema Gah .It is said that more than 15 thousand volunteers have been assigned various duties .

A large number  of doctors and para medical staff members have also volunteered to  take care of medical needs .Special OPDs have been set up.

Elaborate security arrangements and traffic control system has been put in place in cooperation with the state police . Additional Director General of Police Bipin Bihari flew in from Mumbai today, to personally supervise the security arrangements and traffic control system. The state police has deployed ten thousand officers and men for security bandobast .

Special parking zones have been made according to districts and cities .All the participants are advised to park their vehicles in the allotted parking space .Such parking reservations are created in special parking areas .Separate parking arrangements have been made for two wheeler and four wheeler .

The local Muslims are also participating in the Ijtema .The schools and Colleges as well as private establishments have not declare holidays for the Ijtema but attendance are reported to be very low .

It is expected that holiday will be declared on Monday in schools and colleges so that students and staff members can attend Dua .

The three day Ijtema will culminate on Dua after Namaz e Zuhar on Monday .



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